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Intelligent Work and Collaboration Platform for Financial Services

SIMON® - Our Story

Scale, Simplify, and Accelerate Operations

SIMON® was founded in 2014 by Jim Pinckney and a team of bankers seeking to address unmet needs in the financial services industry. As he worked with clients who were primarily focused on lending, Jim became acutely aware of the challenges banks experience, especially as they seek to grow.

Despite banks investing heavily in lending solutions and implementations, expected efficiencies were not being realized. The tools needed to manage in a more complex operating and regulatory environment fell short. Most operational units were overloaded and in desperate need of a better solution, regardless of whether they were a community, regional, or multinational bank.

As a result, Jim founded SIMON® with a mission to provide a powerful, intuitive, innovative, affordable, fintech solution designed to simplify and improve operations and support the ability to scale and accelerate services delivery. The result of four years of development and a partnership with a $3.7 billion bank is the SIMON® platform for intelligent collaboration and work management.