VP – Development and Technology

Tim is a 30-year banking veteran, having developed banking solutions since 1988. Prior to joining ClearThrough Solutions, Tim worked with company founder, Jim Pinckney, at William James & Associates, Ltd. as the architect of its solutions foundations. Tim also worked as Senior Systems Developer for MB Financial Bank, deploying a custom loan origination system and upgrading its CRM solution for their lending officers.

Throughout his years working in the banking industry, Tim has witnessed the great paradox of technology: what’s supposed to make work easier often makes it more complicated. Tim is passionate about creating technology that translates to freedom in the workplace. Tim brings his creative problem-solving skills to ClearThrough Solutions, where he is responsible for the development and deployment of its core foundation and also the workflow engine upon which Simon is built.

Tim is a family man, father to three daughters, and an outstanding athlete who has competed in the Hawaii Ironman.